Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD unlimited diamonds/gold 1.4.6 APK

Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD unlimited diamonds/gold — Can you defeat the monster in its habitat and complete your tasks in the allotted time. Play as a defenceless child without a single life, your task is to hide from the gaze of the rainbow monster, who will start chasing you as soon as the countdown goes on. Night is an extremely dangerous time of day, the monster can appear out of nowhere and take the careless child by surprise.

You have tasks to do to survive the night and prepare for the next. Each passing day will turn into a night where a defenceless child is powerless in the dark against monsters. There will be many clues, such as turning on the lights to help scare away the monster for a while, blocks and cabinets to help hide from pursuit, and sounds to identify the nearest patrol. Once you start the challenge, you should investigate the area in detail, hoping to find items like a torch to help you light the way and scare the monster away.

A large number of kidnapped children, just like you, will be fighting for life, keep track of who has survived the chase and who has fallen victim to yet another nightmare. Change your character by unlocking unique decorations that make the ordeal more fun. Acquire a fun companion to survive nightmares with you. Unlock more game modes, new locations, a variety of monsters, each with their own unique challenges and waiting for new victims.

Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD unlimited diamonds/gold:
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