Download I Am Monster: Idle Destruction MOD unlimited energy

I Am Monster: Idle Destruction MOD unlimited energy — It’s time to be in the «skin» of the very monster from which you constantly saved the world, well, or tried. Now you are the same monster, and the task of each monster is to destroy and break. Go to Earth and start destroying cities one after another. Break down buildings, trample cars, fight the national army and confront the boss. The more you break, the faster your strength will grow.

Upgrade your monster, unlock new partner monsters and set off to repair chaos in the world. Improve your skills, mutate, develop new DNA and become stronger, because the human race is not so weak and will not stand still either. Destroy this beautiful 3D world, break everything that will fall under your paws, use your powerful roar to defeat enemies on the spot, hit the top spot in the news and make a splash all over the planet!

Download I Am Monster: Idle Destruction MOD unlimited energy: