Download Monster City MOD unlimited money/resources 14.07 APK

Monster City MOD unlimited money/resources - The world of adventures with monsters, dragons and other fantastic creatures is quite real and you can join it right now. This is a big world of monsters that will open up new adventures for you with cute, charming monsters that you will take care of, develop and make friends together. Create a comfortable environment for all the monsters you already have, namely suitable homes for each type of monster. Create a family, find a pair for the monster with whom he can live and fill up your family with new kid. Develop monsters, raising their level with food, improve his form with which the monster will be more mature and stronger. Demonstrate the power of monsters in duels with other opponents, each monster is unique and special, each has strengths and weaknesses. Choose the best group of monsters, by trial training fights, picking a strategy for them in battle. Show their strength already in real battles with enemy monsters, win to get a decent reward winners. Create new types of monsters, combining unique types with each other to get rare and strong monsters, which many would like to have in their collection. Destroy enemies in stages, reach elite opponents and win the final battle, after which you will open up new lands, for new exploration, and with them new epic battles.

Download Monster City MOD unlimited money/resources:
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