Download Jurassic Survival Island MOD unlimited diamonds/gold APK

Jurassic Survival Island MOD unlimited diamonds/gold — Join a wild hunt, in the Jurassic period where big predators reign supreme. There is no modern technology in this world, only survival on a deserted dinosaur island, surrounded by an ocean that won’t be friendly to you either. Jurassic in front of you, you have to survive on your own, hunt for resources to protect yourself and find shelters. Constantly explore the terrain to find more and more new items for self-defense. This is no place for the weak, as all is not safe in this jungle, you must show your strength to stay alive.

Find resources and start crafting items and weapons. Go on a hunt, kill dinosaurs which at your opinion to you will be on force, or any other wild animal that inhabits the desert island. Get your own food through such hunting, so you don’t starve to death and become food for yourself to be attacked by the wildlife.

Build up your home with sturdy fences to protect you from predators. Conquer the Jurassic with your survival skills, find interesting power-ups on the island and exchange them for valuable items that you will undoubtedly need for survival. Catch and tame small dinosaurs, find dragon eggs, care for them and raise huge pets, a dragon that will be at your side.

Download Jurassic Survival Island MOD unlimited diamonds/gold:
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