RAID: Shadow Legends is preparing to celebrate its fifth anniversary in a big way

RAID: Shadow Legends is preparing to celebrate its fifth anniversary in a big way
Five years ago, in February 2019, Plarium released a dark fantasy RAID role-playing game RAID: Shadow Legends for Android and iOS mobile devices, which quickly became so popular that it soon received a nomination from Google Play for the “Users' Choice Award”, and a year later, in 2020, it was released in a PC version. Currently, RAID: Shadow Legends has been downloaded a total of over 100,000,000 times and nearly a million gamers are immersed in its dark, haunting, and incredibly addicting world every day.

It is not surprising that the Plarium Company considered the five years that have passed since its release a worthy occasion to celebrate this event on a grand scale with the Creation Festival and thank its gamers with events so that everyone can take part in any activities and receive interesting rewards. In addition to silver and Tomes of Skills, there is a chance to get the mysterious fortuneteller and wandering bard Armanz the Majestic as part of the special Fusion event or summon him later from the Shards, as well as some other heroes not from the world of darkness. By the way, it was Armanz who the creators entrusted with the role of festival master, so be prepared to regularly meet him at the celebration.

RAID Shadow Legends

If you are a beginner, it is even more worthwhile to attend the festival – the opportunity is open for you to get the legendary Tyrell using the promo code FESTIVAL.

An art competition, riddle solving, tournaments and a lot of other interesting things are also planned. And until March 28, viewers will traditionally have access to watch chronicles demonstrating the best achievements of gamers over the past year and a half and important updates over the same period. Those who share their video on Facebook or X will receive additional bonuses.

The celebration will last from March 7 to April 4. On the occasion of this significant event, Bastion will receive new decorations and a dynamic soundtrack. In short, something truly grandiose awaits us, which no self-respecting gamer simply can miss!
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