Download RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends - Break into a battle of different worlds, fighting for life in a decisive battle. Start playing a turn-based strategy game where you'll have a huge choice of heroes from 14 factions. Immerse yourself in the gameplay and its detailed 3D graphics with realistic drawings of each hero and their spectacular animation skills. Play as fantastic creatures: Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Werewolves, each class has its own universal fighting style. Different characteristics of races will help you destroy suitable enemies, which will be vulnerable to certain racial abilities.

Use strategy in battle to kill enemies with ease, placing the best class combinations before the battle begins. Use the right abilities in battles, dealing even more reducing damage with their enhancements. More exciting battles in a fantasy RPG, challenge players by taking part in PvP arena show what kind of warrior and strategist you are, get rewards, earn points for winning fights.

Achieve success in the ranking table of the best fighting group in the arena among real players. Get as many rare prizes for defeating the enemy as possible and make your team even stronger, thus preparing heroes and fortress for endless confrontation in war. Develop the house, improve the walls of the fortress and proceed to improve each hero, unlocking new skills with each raised level. Go through the game's thrilling campaign completing quests, diving into the darkest dungeons to fight the decisive forces of Darkness.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends: