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Mythic Legends MOD free purchases — The legendary battles of champions in self-contained arenas have never been more exciting. As commander-in-chief, you will lead your heroes into the arena of bloody battles to find the best classes and combinations of synergy between them. Strong strategy, improved combinations of magical abilities and synchronisation between heroes will give you great chances of victory. Go through numerous challenges and battles against a variety of enemies. Watch as your army gradually destroys the enemy troopsм.

Earn rare rewards for completing missions and quests, and find rare and powerful classes to augment your troops. Start upgrading your squad, new unique classes are ready to join your army. Upgrade your heroes, seeing their strength increase with new abilities. Reinforce and strengthen your troops, get artifacts and chests, and use them on the battlefield. Achieve the glory of the legendary champions, progressing from single combat to competing in tournaments with other players. Demonstrate superiority over any opponent by intelligently deploying heroes and combining their compatibility.

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