Download Clash of Gods: Magic Kingdom MOD free purchases 1.1.01 APK

Clash of Gods: Magic Kingdom MOD free purchases — This new strategy game offers a wave of emotion from turn-based battles on the battlefield. You are the leader of epic warriors, and your task is to hold the kingdom in right of existence. Destroy rebels and all enemies of the kingdom, expand territories in captured lands, build castles and develop your kingdom in the realm of sand. As you explore the territories, engage in battles with enemy warriors. Destroy scorpions, barbarians, spiders, other animals, devil creatures and jellyfish that want to fight you. Always be alert and ready to defend your squad or counterattack the enemy.

Reinforce your squad with epic heroes and animals, upgrade their levels, combat skills and develop their skills to the max. Experience an exciting campaign mode where decisive battles directly affect the further development of the kingdom of which you are the leader. Try your hand at the new Dragon and Truth trials, show off your heroes' strengths in the arena or compete against other players in real time. Gather over 50 legendary heroes for all challenges and adventures to lead the strongest army and crush evil.

Download Clash of Gods: Magic Kingdom MOD free purchases:
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