Download Monsters: Dragon Tamer MOD free purchases 1.5.0 APK

Monsters: Dragon Tamer MOD free purchases — A dynamic arena of little monsters, you are the tamer of several of these creatures and will enjoy the battles. Destroy the evil dragons by defeating them and gaining their bloody treasure in the form of defeated dragons. Fight your way through turn-based battles, step by step through dragon battles and get to the main instigators of evil. Your strategy is your victory, so make sure you know your every move on the battlefield, as your dragon's life and outcome depend on it. Tame and acquire new dragons with new fighting skills and abilities, which are sure to come in handy against unconventional enemy dragons. Gain rare dragons, both legendary and epic ranks, with special abilities that distinguish them from ordinary monsters.

Upgrade your dragons by upgrading their levels and characteristics to meet adventures with an advantage over the enemy. Test your strength in open arenas with real players, showcasing the power of monsters against other wizards. Collect your entire collection of unusual dragon card decks that are scattered across the globe. As you travel and discover new areas, meet dragons along the way and gain the ability to tame new battle pets for your team.

Download Monsters: Dragon Tamer MOD free purchases:
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