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XCOM Legends | Squad RPG - An exciting new role-playing game in which you have to repel super technological attacks, tyrannical alien factions called ADVENT. Give heat to your enemies, stand on the field of resistance and save Earth from the invaders. By controlling the only XCOM heroes who are able to defeat the evil that has long ago invaded. Humanity has long since come to an end, but that has in no way stopped the alien beings in their insidious designs and they have unleashed an ancient force on Earth. Take control of the mighty warriors of the new instances of XCOM, as well as remember the old XCOM warriors and show what they are capable of in new battles.

Begin your story of saving planet Earth by evolving in a turn-based role-playing storyline. In which you'll see how the takeover of the planet evolved and learn a lot of secret data from the enemy side. Entering the battles create your own squad of fighters who will start the confrontation already on the battle, control each hero, pressing the right abilities against the enemy to win. Passing missions you will receive rewards, resources and with their help you can strengthen the desired fighter for the next battles with the creatures only with a new force. Each phase in the mission will differ new difficulties, enemies that have their own abilities in front of which is worth to pull to defeat the power of the enemy. Use advanced battle tactics to put the right heroes in combat, as well as with new and improved modifications to create an unkillable squad of fighters. Unlock more options in the game, curb new modes in the game, pass exciting challenges and tasks to get special rewards such as, legendary heroes to your squad, which will surely give your squad an advantage over the new enemy.

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