Download State of Survival: Zombie War 1.21.40 APK

State of Survival: Zombie War - 6 months have passed since the unknown virus entered our world. This was enough for the people affected by the virus to suddenly become aggressive and destroy entire cities. There is no more government, army and all state institutions, no one can be trusted anymore, nothing else is left, no family, no friends, no favorite work, no home. But this world still has hope - you.

Build a safe place for all survivors, defend the helpless and declare war on the walking dead. Explore a huge, long forgotten territory, build your own shelter there, which you will turn into a whole settlement. Search for survivors, study the area for useful resources: blueprints, useful materials, and jewelry. All this will be useful for you to build a settlement. Gather your own squad of fighters, arm yourself and be ready to defend your settlement. Destroy crowds of zombies and bandits.

Research new technologies and apply them in your town. Give shelter to all refugees, dictate your own rules on your own territory and expand your settlement. Look for allies, the more like-minded people you have, the more chances you will survive. Arrange raids in zombie territories, destroy them and open new locations.

Get ready to face more powerful zombies, the virus tends to mutate, find the one who is involved in the infection, discover a lot of new things and save humanity from extinction!

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