Download Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD free craft 0.2.457 APK

Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD free craft - A horror adventure game, a great challenge awaits you in a world of apocalypse in which zombies rule and only the strongest can survive. Billions of people have died and now there are crowds of zombies, who are not dormant, but always on the alert, from under the corner ready at any moment to attack you and eat your brains, but you are not the only survivor. You have to find shelter, food, weapons, armor and crafting items. This game is truly addictive, you just won't have time to relax, you always have to act going forward without stopping, remember that your task is to survive in this hell.

This apocalypse has turned the world into an unsafe place, where people affected by the virus have turned into zombies. And once seemingly decent neighbors are now ruthless killers, no one can be trusted in this world, rely only on yourself. Build yourself a shelter, move quietly, kill crowds of dead, search for useful resources and explore territories. Your power will gradually increase, but so will the dead, so you need to find weapons to defend yourself. Search for plane crashes, abandoned bunkers and camps, find useful blueprints and do some crafting. Remember, you're not safe, the only thing you can do is survive. The dark time of day is simply overrun with dead people, are you willing to take the risk or would you rather stay in the shelter?

Download Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD free craft:
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