Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD gold

Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD gold - An unknown outbreak of the virus struck all of humanity on the planet, many managed to survive, but turned into bloodthirsty bandits, and others took up survival. Huge cities have fallen, and behind them the government and the army, it would seem, there is no more chance of survival, but there is hope! Play this post-apocalyptic game and try to survive in the world of zombies, gangs and devastation. Build your own shelter, find the resources you need, craft and build your own weapons. Go hunting, get your own food and beware of zombies, some of them are very aggressive.

The game will delight you with a huge and open world, as well as interesting gameplay with a lot of shootouts. Explore this world, find the items you need to create vehicles and go in search of the rest of the survivors.

Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival MOD gold: