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Megapolis: City Building Sim - An exciting strategy game in which you realize all your dreams and build a huge metropolis. In Megapolis you are never bored, you will find completely new hobbies for yourself. Develop your own infrastructure, raise science, form a real research center, expand mining and try yourself as an oilman!

  • ★ Ennobles own metropolis - Greening your town, build a real attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge or the Statue of Liberty. Place objects in the right places for this to increase tourism and increase profits. Build skyscrapers, houses, parks - everything that will make your city popular and make your residents happy.
  • ★ Develop infrastructure - with the growth of your metropolis, take care of key transport hubs. Build a metro station, railway, port, get involved in the construction of the ring road!
  • ★ Develop industry - engage in the construction of factories, oil production and refining, build your own military base and join the arms race.
  • ★ Develop science - you need to build a research center, with it you can expand your own territory, find useful materials and discover something new. Engage in the construction of a space center, launch rockets into outer space! Invest in high-tech equipment, such as: devices for deep sea diving, space stations, machines for the extraction of minerals.
  • ★ Compete with mayors of other states - join alliances with other mayors, take part in competitions in real time, take part in seasonal competitions, win and become the best mayor of the state!

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