Download TheoTown - City Simulator MOD unlimited diamonds 1.11.04a APK

TheoTown - City Simulator MOD unlimited diamonds — Build your own huge pixel metropolis. Take care of landmarks, electricity, and other services for the people of your city. Not only will you be in the role of a builder, but you will also be the mayor of a huge city. build high-rises, restaurants, fire buildings, police stations, hospitals. You also have to prevent emergencies at any minute: fire, hurricane, accidents and the like.

Build a huge city like New York or San Francisco, build various world landmarks, for example: the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and others. Take care of the means of transportation, build highways, railroads, establish your own bus routes. Take care of the leisure activities of your residents, green the city, build parks and attractions. Increase the scale of your city, unlock new infrastructure, and gradually develop your metropolis.

Press the "Sound Up" or "Sound Down" buttons to get lots of diamonds

Download TheoTown - City Simulator MOD unlimited diamonds:
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