Download Designer City: building game MOD unlimited money 1.86 APK

Designer City: building game MOD unlimited money — Urban design simulator, an opportunity to build a dream metropolis with large buildings, skyscrapers. Design houses, build the first roads, design your city. Install infrastructure, gradually turning your city into a living, fast-paced project. Meet your city's first residents, offering them better jobs by installing industrial plants, commercial buildings and other jobs. They all help to develop and raise your city, while construction workers, janitors and police keep the city clean and tidy for the comfort and safety of all residents.

Develop public entertainment facilities, parks with flowers, fountains and historical statues that will attract tourists and bring profit to your town. Upgrade your city and fill it with necessary resources that will provide beloved jobs for your residents and bring great profits to your city.

Open up access to transportation networks, not only to the buses, cars and trolleybuses that will supply your city, but also to the opening of a large port. Expand transportation by land, sea and air, and build an airport, thereby developing your city and opening up opportunities for industry and tourism. Make sure that everyone who comes or moves to live in the city becomes a happy person.

Download Designer City: building game MOD unlimited money:
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