Download Light a Way : Tap Tap Fairytale MOD unlimited crystals

Light a Way : Tap Tap Fairytale MOD unlimited crystals — The darkness completely covered the Sun and now the whole world is immersed in darkness. We need keepers of the light and they are among you. Take the path of light and drive away the darkness, bring back the former harmony back! You will travel to unknown places with a fairy assistant, who will teach you how to exorcise darkness with the help of the staff of light. You are the keepers of the light and you will need to fight the forces of darkness!

Destroy all monsters on the way, improve the power of light, find brave helpers and defeat bosses. In addition, you can learn special spells that will help you double your power and move to a completely different level. A difficult mission awaits you, a hike through the whole world and so many enemies on the way, be prepared, because the enemy also has a secret weapon against you.

To get «unlimited crystals», purchase upgrades for crystals.

Download Light a Way : Tap Tap Fairytale MOD unlimited crystals: