Download Guild of Heroes MOD no skill recharge/free purchases 1.139.8 APK

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG MOD no skill recharge/free purchases - Fantasy RPG game will allow you to plunge into the fantastic world of good and evil, learn the magic and power of the sword, play with your friends and conquer epic battles, and great raids together. The great magician of light is looking for the best warriors who can destroy all monsters and dragons, save the world from the darkness that has descended, restoring once and for all the balance of good and evil in the world. This is the best chance to show all your skills of sword and magic, to become a hero for the whole world, embarking on a long and exciting journey to destroy the darkness.

Choose a unique class for your character to start your adventure and go into battle. You can be a magician and master powerful spells that you can use with your great magician's staff, or be an archer whose arrows pierce the most powerful evil, as well as a warrior whose armor will be so strong that not even one boss can pierce you and fight.

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Download Guild of Heroes MOD no skill recharge/free purchases:
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