Download Endless Colonies: Idle Tycoon MOD free improvements 3.43.00 APK

Endless Colonies: Idle Tycoon MOD free improvements — Our planet Earth has experienced several cataclysms that have reduced its vitality to almost nothing. No more beautiful, fertile land is left, and animals are doomed to perish. The world needs heroes who are willing to go into outer space to mine resources. Become those heroes, download the game and do the noble deed.

You have to equip your own starship and fly around the universe in search of useful resources. Extract minerals from neighboring planets, bring them back to Earth and start your own mining business. Build and improve your own factory, produce raw materials and bring the world back to its former vitality. In addition to production on planet Earth, you can start mining and production on neighboring planets.

Free improvements to factories and spaceships

Download Endless Colonies: Idle Tycoon MOD free improvements:
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