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Sky: Children of the Light - Go to the enchanting world of Heaven in search of the missing stars. Once all the stars in the Universe shone together, but the darkness came and destroyed the idyll, then the stars were forced to look for a safe place in heaven. But if they knew how it would end. Awaken, it is time to restore the world to its former beauty and harmony.

You have to go on a journey through 7 fabulous worlds, where you will find the missing stars. Awaken the missing stars to open the way further. As you progress, you can improve the abilities of your hero, for this you need to find and save spirits. Take trials alone or join other players. Show sympathy, show the way with gestures and solve puzzles together.

During wanderings you will be accompanied by bewitching music, and if you suddenly decide to leave the world, your hero will automatically be moved to the altar, where you can later continue your journey from the moment of completion. Become a part of the growing world, participate in temporary events, play with friends and strengthen friendships with gifts. Change the appearance of your character and show what you have achieved.

Join the Children of the Light

Warm the hearts of the fossilized inhabitants, return the missing stars and spend time to good use!

The game has all the maps!

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