Download LastCraft Survival MOD God 'mode 1.10.4 APK

LastCraft Survival MOD God 'mode - You will find yourself in a world where you have to do survival. Do not waste a second, find your weapon and start killing crowds of zombies and bandits. The gloomy atmosphere of this game will make you imbued with a sense of doom and fear. Survive at all costs.

Features of LastCraft Survival: Survival - kill to survive. Look for valuable resources, travel and just do not come across death on the way. Online mode - play with friends, participate in vigorous battles against real players, kill enemies and select valuable loot. Construction and craft - build yourself a safe haven, use about 150 recipes to create valuable objects and equipment for yourself. The battle with the bosses - get ready, in addition to the usual monsters and bandits, you will face heavy fights with the bosses.

Can you survive? Explore a huge and forgotten game world, capture territories and explore military bases in search of provisions. Be prepared for the fact that as your hero grows, the world around you also becomes more dangerous. Take care of your own equipment and find weapons much better. Explore abandoned cities and take care of their restoration, get to the survivors and find your right path in this apocalypse.

God mode includes:
  • ● Infinite ammo.
  • ● No reloading weapons.
  • ● No recoil.
  • ● Super jump.
  • ● Movement through walls.
  • ● Max Weapon Durability.
  • ● Highlighting nicknames and levels of enemies.
  • ● High firing range weapons.
  • ● No hunger and thirst.
  • ● Anti-ban.

Download LastCraft Survival MOD God 'mode:
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