Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD menu

Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD menu - You will find yourself in a harsh world after the apocalypse, an unknown outbreak of infection made people feel what hell is on earth. The infected died in agony, their minds were completely captured, the man became a weapon of mass destruction, and those who were lucky enough to survive began to kill the likes of themselves. Only you and only others remain, you have only one goal - to survive at any cost. Look for resources to start building a place to stay overnight, carefully monitor the indicators: health, hunger, thirst, be ready to fight with zombies and enemy players, everything from the stick to the machine will go into battle. You are waiting for large locations, bunkers, a horde of zombies, enemy players, but also daily events that will help you survive. You can always leave this or that zone, build transport for yourself, cope with the boss and even find a friend. Are you ready to test your strength in such harsh conditions?

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