Download Days After MOD opponents do not attack

Days After: Zombie Games. Killing, Shooting Zombie MOD opponents do not attack - The endless wars and the rush for bioweapons have finally paid off - the world has fallen completely and plunged into darkness. Several billion people have died, and some have turned into the walking dead. You will have to try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, re-learn how to live and fight for life every minute of every day.

Customize your character, start mining resources, build a shelter, find like-minded people, or maybe your love! But be warned, you'll have to sweat the small stuff out of it all! Amazing locations, hordes of zombies, a huge world to explore and an exciting storyline await you! In this game you'll come face to face not only with zombies, but also with human gangs that are willing to do anything to take away your last hopes for survival! Keep an eye on your health, food and thirst indicators, constantly search for resources and maybe you'll manage to defeat death after all.

Download Days After MOD opponents do not attack: