Download Cyber Surfer: Beat&Skateboard MOD god mode 5.5.3 APK

Cyber Surfer: Beat&Skateboard MOD god mode — And how about surfing - it's time to flex your muscles and show off your talent in the sport. This neon-coloured arcade racing game will give you the thrill of endless racing. Master your surfing skills by racing down straight paths and knocking over objects the colour of your skateboard. The more you can knock down obstacles of the same colour as your skateboard, the more points you earn as you progress.

As you race through infinity, smash objects that are a threat to you and do not match the colour of your vehicle. On your skateboard, smash obstacles of other colours, foreshadowing any threatening collisions so you don't ruin the race. Set incredible records, scoring high points that have not yet been taken by you. Complete the music track to perfection to unlock a special level - the Diamond Bonus for winners.

Over 100 songs to choose from, top hits, a variety of musical styles and your favourite genres. Choose your favourite song or star music for your skateboard race, and race through the Milky Way, smashing obstacles to the beat of energetic music. Unlock new costumes for your hero. Dress up as a colourful racer with an upgraded skateboard and an inspirational weapon in hand - it's all about having fun riding to the music tracks.

Download Cyber Surfer: Beat&Skateboard MOD god mode:
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