Download Beat Racing: Car & Racer MOD god mode 2.2.0 APK

Beat Racing: Car & Racer MOD god mode — Musical racing awaits the badass racer. Get comfortable behind the wheel of the racing car, use simple motions to start the race on colourful tracks. Race to the beat of the rhythmic music and catch every sound. Go for glory, set records in the best race and finish the track with the best results. Unlock more speedsters as you race cars, experience new experiences with new music in the race. Control your car with simple controls, swipe sideways, smash auxiliary objects as accelerators. Keep your eyes on the road, there will be obstacles in your path in the form of traps, elements that will be devastating to the race.

Complete numerous tasks with the race, challenge yourself to become the best racer by completing the most challenging missions. Set records, strive to perfect them, set the most challenging music track you can find on your playlist. Compete with your friends, share your achievements and show each other what you can do as a sports car driver.

Download Beat Racing: Car & Racer MOD god mode:
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