Download Cube Surfer! MOD money

Cube Surfer! MOD money - Another incredibly addicting arcade game from VOODOO, an arcade game that will amaze you with its simple game controls and truly addictive gameplay that you will not break away from. The time arcade will show you what your attentiveness is capable of in the most extreme situations that will occur in all levels and with increasing difficulty, it simply will not allow you to learn the tactics of correct actions, because it is not here. Start your first race, you will need to collect blocks along the way in order to further pass through the obstacle and thus get to the finish line, the more blocks you collect, the more chances you have to pass even the highest block barriers. The large number of blocks you have collected at the finish line will give you the opportunity to take twice as much reward for the passed levels. Go through the levels, collecting blocks, make sure that you have enough blocks to overcome obstacles, otherwise you will lose. Make your game brighter and more fun, change block skins for various objects, fruits, leaving new traces of your movements on the road.

Download Cube Surfer! MOD money: