PUBG: NEW STATE - A new world, new opportunities, 100 people, and only one of them will remain the winner. Discover the new world of Battle Royale, transport yourself to the year 2051, and battle players all over the world! 100 survivors will enter a closed territory where they will fight against each other using their own tactics and weapons.

In addition to hostile players, the Blue Zone will be steadily encroaching on the area, capable of killing in minutes. Take advantage of all the advantages on the map: transport, buildings, air cargo, and get good equipment. You can play alone or as a team, the main goal of the game is to survive, the one who can do this will be the winner.

PUBG: NEW STATE will please players with a variety of weapons and the possibility of its customization, new vehicles and gadgets. A huge 8x8 map will open up the freedom of action for any player and give a lot of variety. Adapt to the new conditions and win the Battle Royale!