Download Mock Locations (fake GPS path) 1.97 APK

Mock Locations (fake GPS path) - A great app for those who are against, so that someone knows your location. With this application you can easily hide your location. Just ask the false route and that’s it. Now, when you walk with your gadget, then on the map it will show a completely different place, which is actually there. If you are afraid that you are being watched or something else, then download this application.

Features of the app:
  • • Replacement of location by GPS and according to the data of the telecom operator;
  • • Routing along roads;
  • • Adding a stopping points, as well as the time spent on the data points;
  • • Ability to specify a variable speed;
  • • The ability to lay a vicious circle of movement;
  • • Ability to specify braking on bends.

Download Mock Locations (fake GPS path):
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