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WhatsApp Messenger — Good app for making calls, sending SMS, the transmission of different data. Stay connected with your loved ones. Call them for free, send an important message, and send a photo or video, you can create a chat room, where you will communicate to you and chosen people. This is a great app for traveling, you can easily send your location.

  • • WhatsApp does not charge for sent messages or calls, therefore it is a more profitable application for communication.
  • • There are no restrictions for sending and receiving different multimedia.
  • • WhatsApp also has a Web-version so that you are always in touch and receive important messages from a personal computer.
  • • WhatsApp will save all your messages that were written but not sent due to a network outage.
  • • The application does not ask for unnecessary logins and passwords, just your number is enough, and the phone book is automatically pulled into the application.
  • • There are no restrictions on international calls and messages.


☰ Is WhatsApp Messenger free?

ᐉ WhatsApp Messenger is completely free, for the full operation of the application uses your Internet connection

☰ Can I make calls to friends outside my country?

ᐉ You can not only call your friends, but also send messages, exchange large media files, and everything is completely free

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