Shooters, tanks and fighting spiders: the release of mobile Rebel Bots has taken place

Shooters, tanks and fighting spiders: the release of mobile Rebel Bots has taken place
The mobile strategy game Rebel Bots, which was released in an early version at the end of last year for gamers in Mexico, Canada and Brazil, finally saw its worldwide launch, which took place on May 23rd on iOS and Android. For the international release, the developers – the Xoilium company – thoroughly reworked the errors of the old version, created a new login system and added inventory.

The plot of the game corresponds to the canonical Clash Royale: gamers race to destroy enemy watchtowers in order to get to the main base and plunge it into ruins, winning the victory. To form their armies, players summon units to the battlefield using cards, the number of which can exceed 49, and among the fighters there can be such fantastic creatures as robotic spiders that throw bombs at the enemy. Unit cards can be upgraded as individual pieces are collected.

Rebel Bots

The winner will be the one whose army turns out to be more powerful and whose combination of forces is more advantageous, but since leveling up fighters takes time; most likely, it will be possible to customize it with the help of premium currency. In general, the developers directly indicated the presence of P2E mechanics in the game and left hints about the presence of cryptocurrency and NTF as Web3 gifts, so everything is possible.

In addition to traditional PvP battles, there will also be cooperative battles at some levels. Thus, gamers who managed to rise higher in the rating tables will have the right to gather their own clan with their comrades or join an existing one and go collect bonuses. A seasonal battle pass, tournaments, and exclusive rewards have also been added.

There aren’t many substantive reviews about the game yet. In general, it received positive responses, but some found the FPS of unit animations to be not high enough.
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