Space, cyberpunk and battles: mobile Hyper Linker available in Asia

Space, cyberpunk and battles: mobile Hyper Linker available in Asia
The mobile Hyper Linker has entered the Asian gaming market, inviting gamers to travel back to the distant year 2630 to join the ranks of brave fighters on Proxima Centauri, the new cradle of humanity, and explore dozens of locations. Among them will be space bases with fleets of starships, dead deserts of an apocalyptic world and cool cyber cities. You can also recruit a squad of elite warriors, divided into roles, classes and elements.

Please note, this is just the beginning! The developers are making grandiose plans, promising to add interesting characters with each new update and expand the world map with unexpected regions in order to create a truly impressive saga of interplanetary conflicts, heated battles and desperate warriors.

Already now gamers are offered:

  • Interesting cyberpunk style;
  • Excellent visual effects and 60 FPS support;
  • Impressive tactical depth of battles.

The outcome of battles will depend on how the player places his characters before the clash, taking into account the potential of each individual squad member and how good their synergy will be during the battle. Become the greatest space tactician by assembling your team and creating the most winning combinations of fighters!

Battles lasting less than 60 seconds take place in auto mode. When a gamer leaves the game, the team he formed can continue to collect resources for the fortress, so the more characters you attract to your side, the more profitable it is for you. For those who distinguish themselves, idle rewards are provided to enhance the abilities of fighters and their armor.

You can download the soft-launch game client through Asian Google Play on Android. Whether this extends to iOS devices has not been confirmed yet.
Note! You'll have to come to terms with the interface in Chinese, but it's clear enough for an experienced gamer to figure it out without localization in their own language.
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