Build robots and fight enemies in an early version of Junkineering

Build robots and fight enemies in an early version of Junkineering
The idea of recycling waste is unexpectedly reflected in the mobile game Junkineering, an early version of which has appeared on Google Play recently. Built in the RPG genre, the strategy invites players to design and assemble their own intelligent robots from chaotic debris of rubbish that can perform various tasks that arise during the game.

Each individual module, which can be knocked out for a future robot through the gacha system, has its own skills, its own level of protection and affects how the character will look when assembled. At the same time, the player has the opportunity to experiment with different combinations, deciding which design option will be the most functional and useful for his purposes. The developers say that in this way they want to encourage gamers to think outside the box and creatively, while developing their engineering skills.


In the future, mechanical fighters unite in a squad to travel together to different locations, enjoy the spectacular views of the wastelands of the post-apocalyptic world and participate in battles with enemies of different powers and types. It is worth considering that auto-battles are not provided here: in turn-based battles, the gamer will need to manually choose which skill to use and which enemy to use it against. In addition, characters have the ability not only to hit opponents, but also to heal friends and allies.

Players who have already downloaded Junkineering to their Android devices complain that at first the game progresses sluggishly, with a minimum of content, but later new modes open up and the action becomes more and more exciting – in particular, after “training” PvE missions, PvP battles become available.
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