Pre-registration for The Grandmaster is in full swing

Pre-registration for The Grandmaster is in full swing
The successful MIR2M series from Korean developers will soon (more precisely, on February 1, according to the official announcement) will receive a continuation in the form of a new mobile multiplayer role-playing game MIR2M: The Grandmaster, which is designed to replace Legend of MIR 2 released in 2023. The pre-registration has already been launched on Google Play and in App Store.

Why the new product deserves attention:

  • Game world. Well designed, with exciting storylines, good graphics and challenging gameplay.
  • Character classes. Warriors, magicians, Taoist monks, as well as the mysterious Shadow Master will enter the battle, which can only be opened by experienced gamers who have properly upgraded their fighters.
  • Groups. Combine different characters to create the most effective squad in battle, with whom you won’t be afraid to go on a raid through the Caves. If you wish, you can join one of the Guilds and interact with its members.
  • Dungeons. Various Dungeons will open before you, including the dangerous Endless Tower, where you will gain experience, gold, currency and, of course, participate in spectacular battles with Bosses, regular and world.
  • Battles. They take place both on maps and in the Arena, which will require maximum martial arts skills from you.
  • Riding animals. If you don’t want to limit your hero to the traditional version of a war horse, a phoenix or even a whale can act in this capacity.
  • Quests. Solving the dark secrets of the Dungeons promises to be amazing.
  • NFT. There are guaranteed to be collectible wings, rings and other treasures here, although it is precisely because of these items that you should not rush, it is better to wait for the prices to drop.

You can obtain special (non-collectible) equipment and customize your character as a reward for reaching a new level, and in some cases, simply for logging into the system. In addition, there are daily and weekly rewards for completing missions, as well as dungeons for farming money and experience.
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