Train of Hope: surviving the ice apocalypse

Train of Hope: surviving the ice apocalypse
The mobile game Train of Hope, a multiplayer shooter with RPG and survival elements, became available for download on Android via Google Play back in mid-November, so reviews from the first gamers are already scattered across the Internet. Most gamers compare Train of Hope with the famous post-apocalyptic Frostpunk, which also takes place in a frozen world, but what they have in common is only the general provisions of the setting and endless icy locations.

The gamer is invited to play through the game in first person, taking control of the Train of Hope, which is rushing across America, which has turned into a new Antarctica after a global cataclysm, and to try not only to survive and save their loved ones, but also to rally the remnants of humanity around themselves.

Players will:

  • Explore new locations captured by the Arctic cold;
  • Find resources to improve living conditions, mainly wood and iron;
  • Fight enemies;
  • Find survivors by adding them to your group;
  • Take care of warmth and food for your people;
  • “Pump up” the train, turning it into a kind of moving fortress, ideally suited for icy deserts;
  • Perform various tasks, moving from location to location;
  • Receive new, more advanced weapons and armor;
  • Monitor your energy level, distributing it wisely between activities.

The game offers beautiful pictures of the snowy world, giving real visual pleasure to the player and hiding mortal threats for his character. Many gamers were especially impressed by the dangerous ice storms that covered even the smartphone screen with frost. The thread of the narrative is woven in accordance with the actions of the main character: his actions and choices influence how the story will develop further.

Train of Hope also features vertical gameplay.
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