Project Hazel - the smartest mask by Razer

Project Hazel - the smartest mask by Razer

Razer has unveiled a prototype of the smartest, best-protected mask called Project Hazel. The creators worked hard on the product and focused on 5 key areas that will help provide good protection and improve quality of life. And the first key area that the developers have worked on is "security". Project Hazel has high bacteria filtration, the mask is completely waterproof, and a removable air valve is able to filter up to 95% of airborne particles. In addition, Project Hazel has an auto sterilization function. The charging case that comes with the mask has a special UV light that kills bacteria and viruses while the mask is charging.

Another important area is "socialization". Thanks to the beautiful and transparent design, you can easily interact with other people, express your emotions clearly, and people will be able to catch your facial expressions. Project Hazel has received a special backlight that lights up in the dark and thus allows you to express yourself regardless of the lighting. And VoiceAMP technology aims to improve the quality of your voice, even when you're disguised.

Project Hazel mask from Razer

The Project Hazel mask is waterproof and scratch resistant, but most importantly, it is completely eco-friendly, because it is made from recyclable plastic. The bacteria filtration rate (BFE) can be easily maintained thanks to the replaceable filters, which are also long lasting. The charging case will help you quickly charge your smart mask while sterilizing it from viruses and bacteria.

Project Hazel is convenient, because its active ventilation ensures the flow of cold air and the removal of warm air, preventing the accumulation of CO2 in the mask. Project Hazel is completely sealed, keeps air out and doesn't wiggle your mouth. Thick loops do not put pressure on the ears and can be adjusted. There is also an additional function, like tailoring the mask. Razer gives you complete personalization, 16.8 million colors and a set with special effects, all thanks to 2 customizable zones powered by Razer Chroma RGB. And all this so that you stay safe and do not feel discomfort while wearing a protective mask.