Download Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence MOD god mode 1.0.316 APK

Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence MOD god mode — Start a confrontation in the magical world of mages, fight the evil overlord who wants to take over the kingdom under his rule. Play as a wizard with enough knowledge to fight off the onslaught of enemy monsters. Defend your kingdom in the tower defense genre and show your skills in these battles. Upgrade the mage's power by increasing spellcasting power and unlock new abilities.

A new wave of battles carries a greater threat of attack, and you must prepare properly to avoid defeat. Turn-based battles with enemies always lead to an unpredictable ending, with monsters increasing their combat power with each passing wave. As a passive defender, you must strategize against the enemy onslaught. Meet enemy attacks with fortification upgrades; your defensive tower can be made stronger with upgrades that strengthen it.

Generate passive income even when you're not playing, so your hero can accumulate resources that you can use to improve your defences. Achieve greatness in the power of magic, against which you will be defeated. Throw the enemy into fear at the sight of your strategic tactics. Plan every action in a boss battle, use smart thinking and properly applied hero skills to fight stronger opponents.

Download Royal Mage Idle Tower Defence MOD god mode:
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