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Mage Hero MOD free shopping - Challenge a fantasy world with epic battles. Control a legendary magician and reclaim lands from monsters, build a strong city and build it into a huge empire. Control the magician using the game joystick, each battle is a separate wave with its own unique difficulty, go through battles in stages, discover unique abilities for your magician. Correctly chosen skills will help you double your damage and armor, easily destroy monsters with the strong abilities of your magician, and reach the final stage by meeting the boss with a new set of abilities and strength. Think over the battle strategy in each battle, study the strengths and weaknesses of the monsters, so that at the right moment it deals heavy damage and does not get hit yourself. Each next wave, new difficulty and new threat, become strong in order to minimize the empty at any stage of the battles. Unlock new equipment for rewards that you will receive in the process of passing stages, improve your equipment and become stronger.

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