Download Agent of Adventure MOD unlimited coins/prayers 2.8 APK

Agent of Adventure MOD unlimited coins/prayers — Enter the age of the brave knights and make your way through the wars of the time, ruling a central village. Defeat, defend and conquer new territories across the continent. Play as a brave adventurer to explore the wide world in detail, developing your village with the resources you gain from your knowledge. Become the leader and fearless hero for your village all in one, take everything you need with you and embark on a perilous journey. There's a new order for your profile, become the ears and eyes for the kings. As you set off on a mission to a new village, remember that your life is in danger. Any wrong decision could be your last scout.

Obey the orders and commands of the king, the more difficult the mission, the more rewards you can get by completing it perfectly. Become a professional adventurer of the time. Make lucrative deals for the village, saving it from poverty, rebuild the town, rebuilding its quarters and boosting its economy. Gain rare items such as the legacy of kings and the trophies of heroes, all of which help to boost the reputation of the village, making it successful and friendly with other settlements.

Download Agent of Adventure MOD unlimited coins/prayers:
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