Download RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War MOD unlimited resources 1.1.106r12 APK

RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War MOD unlimited resources — A multiplayer strategy game in which you can build a medieval civilisation. Hire workers to sow crops, cut down trees and extract other resources needed to supply your village. Expand your territory, building new castles, farms and access to supplies for your army. Recruit fighters to defend your village and set out to conquer new ones.

Meet enemy settlements on high alert, and commandeer your army to attack enemy warriors. Annihilate all nearby enemy settlements, seize new territories and establish new factories. Acquire mines where you can mine for metal, stones that will allow you to build more buildings and fortify them with defensive towers. The huge world to explore requires careful strategy, properly developing your medieval village will help you withstand dangerous battles and grow into an industrial empire.

Fight your way through the many challenges of the game, amassing enough knowledge in the development of your village and destroying your enemies to progress to new game modes. Challenge real-life players by switching to real-time mode. Seize strategic enemy positions and begin to build your military might right under their noses. Build catapults, surround with warships and meet your enemies with combat infantry and archers.

Download RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War MOD unlimited resources:
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