Download Dragon Master Adventure MOD a lot of money 14.24 APK

Dragon Master Adventure MOD a lot of money — Become the leader of great dragons, breed entire prides of fantastic reptiles on your farm, discover rare species and re-breed seemingly extinct species. Venture out into the world of mythical creatures, and into a village full of beautiful dragon species that require proper care. Regrow your dragon population, raise them to adulthood, and find a pair of the same species to begin breeding. Raise beautiful and strong dragons, ready to defend your lands by fighting your enemies in duels. Explore the world with your dragons, participate in battles, capture and conquer new territories, where only your dragons rule. Populate your village with dragon huts, each suitable for a specific dragon species.

Visit all the floating islands, find rare eggs of all the elements, care for them, and see what cute creatures are born right in front of your eyes. Selling dragon eggs will generate income for your village, and once you have earned the necessary income, you can expand your village and reach a larger scale. As a reward you will receive legendary dragons, whose beauty and power is unrivalled, and you will become the most powerful dragon lord of them all.

Download Dragon Master Adventure MOD a lot of money:
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