Download Zombie Farm:Ghost Survivor MOD unlimited sun/energy 2.7.1 APK

Zombie Farm:Ghost Survivor MOD unlimited sun/energy — A new part on harvesting and protecting your crops from a zombie invasion. The season has started, it's time to get back out on your favourite plot. Start planting your favourite varieties of plants, only zombies are back and causing serious problems for your crops. Start preparing your defences for the beds, build a fence that zombies can't get through and equip the plants with weapons and powerful bullets. Set traps and upgrade your weapons at a frantic pace. Upgrade the grassland to boost your sunshine and energy output.

Battle off waves of zombies and meet their boss, destroying the main target you get a valuable reward for winning. Unlock new maps and enter areas where life seems to be impossible. Explore a volcano crater, a frozen permafrost, and even venture into space to land on the moon and reclaim it as well.

Discover unique abilities and talents that will help you in your zombie battles, your enemy is just as unique as you, new zombie abilities and techniques will make you nervous. And only with good strategy and prepared defense can you withstand the many zombie attacks, prove yourself as the best zombie farmer among your competitors.

Download Zombie Farm:Ghost Survivor MOD unlimited sun/energy:
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