Download Zombie Defense - Plants War MOD unlimited diamonds 1.6.15 APK

Zombie Defense - Plants War MOD unlimited diamonds — Plant and kill to avoid becoming a victim of the plague yourself. A zombie virus has swept through the world and now a plague rules the land, forcing people to flee as far away from the apocalypse as possible. You are the best defender and skilled fighter against the zombies, use your ingenuity to create modified plants with unique abilities. Start combining and breeding new kinds of plants that will perform different functions in the fight against the zombie attack. Such as defending territories, offensive functions with a powerful attacking core, and gathering resources to further develop the fight against the dead.

Completing levels step by step, successfully counter the strongest zombie attacks, unlock territories to rid the infested soil of zombies. Purchase boosters to already planted plants to strengthen them, preventing zombies from getting through your defenses. Unlock more levels, progress through impressive chapters in which you encounter more plant species and new threats, challenges at each stage.

Download Zombie Defense - Plants War MOD unlimited diamonds:
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