Download Digfender MOD diamonds 1.4.7 APK

Digfender MOD diamonds — You are the rulers of a vast kingdom, where not only your subjects live peacefully, but your neighbors do not try to start a war. But this was not always the case, until something evil and dangerous awoke from the bowels of the earth, something that is about to burst out and destroy everything! You must prevent it, and fast! It’s time to defend your kingdom, but don’t build the walls outside, but under the ground, because that’s where your battles with evil will unfold.

Enlist the help of mages, build shooting machines and get ready for the assault, but to get to the enemy, you must first dig it out. Dig deep, collect gold to improve your vehicles, place your vehicles around the perimeter and get ready to defend your kingdom!

Download Digfender MOD diamonds:
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