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Kingdom Adventurers MOD money - A kingdom simulator that needs your arrival in it, because it was captured by monsters and a deadly gun fog that lurked in it for a long time, it's time to fight back the monsters and once and for all return the former prosperity to this kingdom. You will play as a descendant of the king and your main task is to free the kingdom, gather a squad of brave warriors, magicians, archers and many other brave heroes who are ready to go with you on a dangerous adventure to save the kingdom. Reconquer your kingdom piece by piece together with your squad, discovering new territories and dispelling fog from each area piece by piece and immediately start defending cities. Build houses for residents, add shops with items and weapons, gradually transforming your kingdom into a new flourishing civilization. Ascend the world as a mighty kingdom with a beautiful beggar for every nation, accept new allies, improve the kingdom's fighting strength with training trainings for your warriors, start battles with opponents in order to show what the new kingdom is capable of to the whole world.

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