Download Empire Defender TD: Premium MOD crystals/diamonds/energy APK

Empire Defender TD: Premium MOD crystals/diamonds/energy — A new strategy that is ready to challenge the best players in strategic realities, a kingdom that needs your help, enemies that will not spare defenseless citizens. Step into the defense of a peaceful kingdom and protect its people, show in battle a clever tactical plan and a mighty force in battle, against the enemies.

Lead an army of brave warriors, mages, archers and the rest, create a strong defense of the kingdom by deployed towers with heroes. Place defensive towers on active points, prepare to take on your opponent from the best fighting positions. Upgrade your towers during battle by building up your strength and defense, allowing you to outnumber the enemy wave and destroy the enemy’s defenses faster. The more victories you win, the more glory and honor you gain from the kingdom, new ranks will open up more opportunities with battles against elite enemies in the kingdom world.

Eradicate all the darkness in the kingdom, return this world to the peace the king’s throne has long dreamed of. Continue to explore the endless dark corners of the kingdom, encounter the most powerful invaders in your path, receiving in return legendary armor for your army and infinitely valuable trophies as the best strategist of this kingdom.

Download Empire Defender TD: Premium MOD crystals/diamonds/energy:
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