Download Boss Stickman MOD unlimited money/hammer 3.3 APK

Boss Stickman MOD unlimited money/hammer — A vibrant simulator with excellent graphics combined with realistic physics, presents you with the fight against evil, in office buildings. This city has long been home to criminal organisations whose control the old system cannot stand. It's time to put an end to the city's criminal underworld and establish your own orders and views in all forms. You'll play as the neon stickman who administers justice by destroying and exterminating members of criminal organisations and their bosses in every level. As you progress through the levels, you'll need to instantly detect enemy targets and eliminate them, mopping up step by step as you slowly approach the ringleader.

For each kill you get experience and money, with experience you can level up your character, unlock hidden abilities and start to develop them. Earned money invest in new weapons, equipment that will give you a better chance to defeat your enemies in battle. Each stickman improvement leads to an incredible increase in strength. Passive skills, will give the stickman abilities and better chances in confronting uncharted floors in the next levels.

Download Boss Stickman MOD unlimited money/hammer:
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