Download Johnny Trigger MOD money 1.12.38 APK

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter MOD money - Play as a brave Stickman, who goes against a whole system of mafia organizations, gangsters and other criminals. Dynamic battles and a simply gripping plot will immerse and pull you into its abyss of events. Start battles by choosing your versatile weapon, complete levels, killing criminals and solving intricate puzzles that consist of obstacles in the form of platforms, traps and opponents themselves. Reach the maximum in completing all tasks, experience incredible emotions from events and tasks, become a hero who is not afraid of the world of the criminal mafia.

The game offers a wide variety of levels that will require you to maximize concentration and ability to think logically. 5 bullets and several times more criminals or 12 bullets and only 3 criminals, each situation has its own sure victory plan and you must come up with it. Earn money from each contract, get yourself a new weapon and a new look, and go on a new mission.

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