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Gun Fest MOD money - You are the legendary shooter of whom the legends, it's time to show your shooting skills in action, because the city needs a hero. Colorful arcade presents you endless shooting with enemies, kill them with pistols playing from the first person. Take your gun in your hands and go to endless battle with evil, overcome obstacles that will stand in your way. Each level with a new threat, it can be different elements, traps and enemies themselves are your obstacle and target. Passing the level you can collect additional rewards, like double the experience on the reward. Destroying certain obstacles you can get rare weapons, they will definitely come in handy in a rhythmic battle with the enemy. Enter the bonus mode of each level with the best score, create your own records in each level, beat the previous achievements that reached your goal. Replenish your infinite number of pistols, gradually improving them with money for successfully completed levels, become a great threat to the enemy. Each level will challenge you, new enemies will become stronger and their number will only grow, and to confront them you must collect weapons as quickly as possible and as much as possible. Surprise the enemy with unthinking power, flood the screen with a huge number of rare weapons. Casual world was not so addictive, simple game controls, familiar and native gameplay of the genre will be able to interest you in the shooting with obstacles.

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