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Dragon Valley MOD free purchases — Dragon Farm presents, a fascinating world of mythical creatures, each dragon is quite real and beautiful, become a friend to them. Take care of the dragon farm, help expand the expanse and replenish the dragon population, thereby saving an endangered species. Unlock the first species of dragons, build houses for them and improve dragon forms, where you can watch the journey from baby to strong adult. A large variety of dragons, each with a fine adult form to which you can improve your dragon. Go exploring the world with your dragon pride, engage in battles with enemy dragons, victory will allow you to gain new species for your farm.

Each dragon is unique and powerful, use it wisely in battle to multiply your advantage over the enemy dragons. Solve difficult puzzles in your dragon castle, victory depends on the strength of your dragon against the enemy dragon as well as your intuition, choose the right opponent and win with ease. The world is full of unknowns, and your dragon power will help you explore it. Travel to places on another continent in hopes of finding dragons of a rare element and populating your home with legendary and epic species.

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