Download Dragon City 2 MOD unlimited money/stones/resources APK

Dragon City 2 MOD unlimited money/stones/resources - You have always loved animals, but always wanted more ferocious and stronger predators, if so, then quickly join the new dragon simulator. The huge world of dragons will give you the opportunity to become the owner of large and small, charming, but so dangerous reptiles. You will be able to take care of them, feed and raise them into a large specimen, send them off to battle with other dragons and see what your dragons are capable of when they are not at home. Crossbreed special species with others and discover new rare breeds, which will be times stronger, tougher, more dexterous, possess completely different skills and impressive new appearance. Build a huge kingdom of dragons, gradually open new territories and fill them with new objects, buildings for future dragons, put a comfort from which all will be delighted, reviving the island from a long sleep. Discover new islands that are perfect as a new home for cute dragons, populating them with dragons and buildings. Take part in battles with bosses, sending the strongest and most well-combined dragons into battle, which together can inflict devastating damage on enemies. Reveal yourself to the rest of the players, join real time ranked battles and show what your Dragon Kingdom can do. The game has high-quality 3D graphics, smooth gameplay that will inspire you to new feats, delight your eyes in epic battles with effects from which you just can't tear yourself away, all this is combined with beautiful models and the magical world of dragons.

Download Dragon City 2 MOD unlimited money/stones/resources:
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